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Production, Recording and Mixing

Tyler Thompson is most known for his drumming and production work in Fruition, TK & The Holy Know-Nothings and many other projects based out of Portland, OR.  Studio 110 is Tyler's personal recording space outside of Pittsburgh, PA, which consists of a 16'x24' live room with movable iso booths, a 12'x24' control room, an 8'x14' iso-room, and a closet for isolating amps.  Equipped with Protools and Universal Audio software, which are the new industry standard for blending modern recording techniques with the old school tape, tube, and transformer based sounds.  

Tyler is open to all genres and styles of recording, but his preferred method is recording a full-band all live with vocals, solos and all.  


Worried you can't make it to Pittsburgh for your mixing session? Don't worry, because Tyler can stream his Protools session in real-time via, so it will be like you're there with Tyler in the control room giving him suggestions. 

Now booking sessions remotely and in-person


"I've had a passion for recording since Junior High using my step-dad's Marantz 4-track cassette recorder.  Luckily, my parents always made sure there was a designated music room in our home, always stocked with a full band setup for their weekly cover band rehearsals, which they kindly let me perform with starting on congas at age 9 and later switched to guitar and vocals.  Along with a great music education beginning at age 10, this type of upbringing abled me to be relatively comfortable playing and recording most instruments all before becoming a young adult."

Now after being a part of over 40+ albums and touring full-time since 2006, Tyler has a home studio that competes with any in the biz at a fraction of the cost.  

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Studio 110 is committed to exceeding your needs.  Questions, comments or special requests? 
We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Studio 110
Carnegie, PA

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