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Epiphone Dreadnaught acoustic (w/K&K pickup) 

Yamaha acoustic 12-string 1970s

2006 Art & Lutherie parlor acoustic 

Norman Acoustic 

Takamine C-126 Classical

Danelectro electric 12-string 2009

1967 Harmony Stratotone 

2009 Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster

Danelectro Electric Baritone 

Vintage Les Paul w/P90s

Epiphone Les Paul w/hummbuckers

Squire P Bass '80s 

Squire PJ Bass 2015 (4-string tuned B, E, A, D)

Goldtone Mandolin 

Goldtone Banjo 

Windsor Nylon String Banjo 

Sho-Bud 10-String Pedal Steel

Fender Rhodes 73-key (available upon request)

Gulbransen 73-key Spinnet Piano

Hammond M3 (chopped)

Leslie 147

Leslie Preamp Pedal 2-channel

And more…


Ampeg JT12

Vox AC15C1

Vox AC4

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (cannabis rex speaker)

Custom Amp Head (for great tube saturation)

Fender Twin

Tone King Imperial II (available upon request)

*lots of different custom cabinets



Universal Audio Preamps (6 channels)

Warm Audio 412 (4 channels of API style preamps

Focusrite ISA (4 channels)

Ampex 351 

Warm Audio WA73 (‘73 Neve copy ) 

JHS Colour DI (old school Neve console style)



Altec 1592A mixer (customized w separate outputs) 


Cloudlifter 2-channel

Soyuz Launcher

MAudio Profire ADAT Converter 8-channel



WA47 (Clone of the legendary U47)


Cascade Fathead Ribbon w/Lundahl Transformer

Beyer Dynamic m160 Hypercardiod ribbon(2)

Beyer Dynamic m201 (2)

Beyer Dynamic m500

Sennheiser MD421 (3)

WA84s(stereo pair)

EV RE20 

EV RE320

EV ND 468

EV 676

Shure SM7

Shure SM57 (6)

Shure beta57 

Shure beta52

Shure 520D bullet mic

Neumann TLM102

CAD M179 

Octava MK 112 (2)



Slingerland ‘62 Kit - 10x22, 16x16, 9x13, 8x12

Tama early ‘90s Kit - 16x24, 16x16, 13x14, 13x13

Slingerland Marching Bass Drum ‘64 - 10x26 (converted for kit)

Gretsch Bass Drum - 14x18

Ludwig '60s Bass Drum - 14x22

Slingerland '60s Bass Drum - 14x20

Slingerland '50s Field Snare w/wood hoops - 12x14 (converted to rack tom)

Ludwig '40s Field Snare w/wood hoops - 12x14 (converted to rack tom)



6.5x14 A&F Aluminum *trusted touring snare

6.5x14 A&F Aluminum *backup for alternate tunings

5.5x14 DW brass/maple

8x14 PDP maple/bubinga

8x14 PDP maple/bubinga w/wood hoops

6x14 PDP maple w/wood hoops

6x14 Pearl Brass free-floating 

5x14 Slingerland 1962

5x14 Gretsch Maple

5x14 Ludwig Acrolite 

8x10 Mapex 

3x12 Tama Piccolo 



14” Cymbal and Gong - Mersey Beat Hi-Hats (3)

15” Cymbal and Gong - Holy Grail Hi-Hats 

16” Istanbul Agop - Signature Hi-Hats 

16” Cymbal and Gong Holy Grail Hi-Hats 

18” Zildjian K Dark Crash 

18“ Cymbal and Gong - Mersey Beat Crash (2)

18” Cymbal and Gong - Holy Grail Crash 

20” Cymbal and Gong - Mersey Beat Ride w Rivets 

20” Cymbal and Gong - Holy Grail (2)

20” Cymbal and Gong - custom

22” Cymbal and Gong - Holy Grail Ride 

22” Zildjian Ride 

23” Instanbul Agop Matt Chamberlain Ride

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